Name: Dr. Abila James Onyango

Position/Designation: Lecturer of Informatics /HOD ICT services 

Email: /



Academic qualification: PhD in Information Technology(IT)

Work experience: 21 Years in different instituition

Honours and awards :Common wealth Award 

Professional affiliation/membership to professional bodies:Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Scholar.

Research interest: ICT governance, Metrics and  integration, Enterprise information System Architecture 

Ongoing research projects: ICT governance in Kenyan Universities, health informatics governance


ABILA O .J &Anselemo I ,P. (2017). ICT Integration Indexing Levels: A Study of Selected Kenyan Universities Information Technology Teaching Professionals IJCST (International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications). Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages: 1-12 (12) July 2017 

ABILA O .J , Wamocho S,L &Anselemo I,P. (2017).Existing metrics use in indexing ICT integration in university teaching. .GUAP conference proceeding  

 Oloo S ,A & Abila O,J (2017).Evaluation of Existing Architecture for M-mining market Access information Among sugarcane farmers in Migori County,Kenya. International journal of computer and Telecommunications Volume 8, issue 3 May,2017 pages 1-5

Samwel N. Nyabera & Abila J. Onyango(2016) The social networking sites accessed by university students on academics . Mara Research Journal of Information Science & Technology Vol. 1, No. 1, September 2016, Pages 44 – 52  


Nyabera S &Abila O,J (2016).  A Review of the Effects of Social Networking Sites on Academic Performance in Universities.Mara Research Journal of Information Science & Technology Vol. 1, No. 1, August 2016, Pages 13 – 22

ABILA O.J., (2016)..Metrics Model for Indexing University Information Technology Teaching Professionals’ Improvement in ICT Integration: A Review of the Literature. IJCST (International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications).  Volume 7, Issue 4, May Pages: 27-41 (15) | [Full Text] PDF (370K) 2016.