Ongoing Research Projects

  • Several Research activities aiming to improve food security, enhancing adaptation and resilience and sustainable natural resource management are currently ongoing at the department of Agronomy and environmental sciences. They include:

    1. Aluminum tolerance mechanisms in Kenyan maize germplasm are independent from the citrate transporter ZmMATE1
    2. Mitigating the Adverse Health Effects of Aflatoxin by Reducing Human Consumption: A Value Chain approach (Funded by NRF)
    3. Sorghum breeding with Wild Relatives: Evaluating pre-breeding material with farmers in Kenya ( Funded by Norwegian government)
    4. Enhancing livelihoods of smallholder farmers in western and eastern Kenya through agro-ecological intensification with sorghum based interventions (Funded by McKnight Foundation
    5. Soil Analysis Laboratory Facility at Rongo University”(Funded by NRF)
    6. Domestication of Meliab Volkensii for Arid and Semi-Arid tree production (Funded by Belgium government)
    7. Integrated Natural Resource management: Testing various models of Application (Funded by ASARECA)
    8. Women food Entrepreneurship in Urban slums of  Kenya and Burkina Faso (Funded by the Dutch Government)
    9. Climate Change Adaptations in Kenya (Funded by Adaptaptation Funds)
    10. Project scoping study on status and Development Ambitions of Rice Cultivation and Fodder production in Lake Victoria Basin (Funded by Australian Government).