Prof. Joseph Aguyoh


Prof Joseph Nyamori Aguyoh is a full Professor of Horticulture. He earned his PhD Degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, MSc (Horticulture) from Iowa State University, USA and BSc (Horticulture) from Egerton University, Kenya. He has extensively been engaged in academic and research activities for over 25 years. At University, Prof Aguyoh has been an Associate Dean; Campus Director; Head of Department; University Campus Coordinator, Coordinator of Quality Assurance and Director of Quality Assurance. Prof. Aguyoh has won numerous research funds from different organizations. He has published over 55 research articles in refereed journals and supervised over 25 postgraduate students to timely completion.

Research Interests:

Prof. Aguyoh has collaborated with a number of local and international organisations in conducting research in horticulture/crops including: 1) Use of Waste Water in Production of Vegetables; 2). Manipulation of Water and Soil Amendments for Efficient Crop Production; 3). Manipulation of Crop and Soil Microclimate for Enhanced Crop Productivity;and 4). Economic Efficiency of Crop Production.

Prof Aguyoh has beeen a member of Weed Science Society of America, Horticultural Society of America and Horticultural Association of Kenya. Currently, Prof. Aguyoh is a Full Professor of Horticulture and the Director of Quality Assurance at Rongo University.