Prof. Daniel Nyamai


Daniel Nyamai is a professor of Agroforestry and Natural Resources Management in the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Rongo University, Kenya. He holds an Msc and PhD in Agroforestry from the University of Oxford. Prof Nyamai has over 35 years of research and development at International, regional, national and has vast familiarity with the University and research systems. He has supervised and graduated over 10 Postdoctorate students with various research interests. He has taught courses with themes on integrated natural resources management, nexus of research and development, conservation agriculture, biodiversity and environmental conservation and proposal development among others. He has published extensively in international peer reviewed journals and presented research findings in local, regional and international meetings. He has been involved in curriculum developments, self assessment and peer review of University programs. Prof Nyamai is the former Chair of The Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Rongo University. He is also a Retainer Consultant with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).