Dr. Beatrice A. Obiero. PhD, MSc,  BEd


CONTACTS: P.O. Box 103-40404 Rongo  

Email address or

Tel. +254 724303798 

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Maseno University , PhD (Pure Mathematics)

Kenya Education Management Institute Diploma (Education Management)

Maseno University, MSc.  (Pure Mathematics)

Kenyatta University, BEd. Arts 

Work Experience

August 2017 toJanuary 2023 to date:  Rongo University- Lecturer

1998 to August 2017: Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).

Journal Publications

1.Wanjala V. And Obiero B. A. (2022) On Skew Class (BQ) Operators. Iconic Research and Engineering Journal.Vol. 6 Issue 2, ISSN:2456-8880

2.Wanjala V.And Obiero B. A. (2021) Furuta inequality for class of 2n-perinormal operators. global journal of advanced research. Vol 8, Issue 4 pp 121-123, ISSN 2394-5788.

3. Wanjala V.And Obiero B. A. (2021) On class (BD) operators. World journal of advanced research and Reviews. VOL.11  Issue 2 , eISSN 2581-9615

4. Wanjala V.And Obiero B. A. (2021) On class (n, mBQ) operators. World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews.Vol. 11 Issue 2, eISSN 2581-9615.

5. Wanjala V. And Obiero B. A. (2021)  “On Almost Class (Q) and Class  (M,n) Operators”International Journal of Mathematics and its Applications. Vol. 9, Issue 2 pp 115-118, ISSN 2347-1557.

6. Wanjala V.And Obiero B. A. (2021) On N-A-Metrically Equivalent and A-Metrically Equivalent Operators. international journal of mathematics and its applications.Vol. 9 Issue 2, pp 97-100, ISSN 2347-1557. Link                  

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8. Odero B. A.,Agure J.O. and Nyamwala F.O.(2019)  On Numerical Range of Multiplication Operator. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, Pure  Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 13 Issue 6, pp283-292, ISSN 1314-7579.                     Link

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