Cell phone: +254721749804

Email: caadhiambo@rongovarsity.ac.ke 



Lecturer, Department of Physical, Biological and Health Sciences

School of Science, Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Rongo University

P.O Box 103-40404,

Rongo – Kenya                                                                                                                               


Examination coordinator, Physical, Biological and Health science department. A member of Institutional Review and Ethics Committee, Rongo University. A member of Science, Technology and Innovation mainstreaming committee at Rongo University. Biological Weapon Convention (BWC) Desk officer /focal person for Rongo University.


PhD. Botany (Microbiology): Maseno University. MSc. Botany (Microbiology): Maseno University. BEd Sc. (Biology and Geography): Kenyatta University.


An academician with thirteen years of teaching in Secondary school and ten years at the university. An examiner, mentor and a researcher with over twenty years of experience. Enthusiastic, knowledge hungry, skilled and a personable team player. Require very minimal supervision. Adequate experience in teaching Botany and Microbiology courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.


A reviewer with the Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, Journal of plant cell biotechnology and molecular Biology, journal of advances in Microbiology, International Journal of pathogen research, Global Press hub, Asian Journal of Research and Review in Agriculture, International Journal of Plant and Soil Science, A member of editorial committee for the Journal of the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO. A member of African Women in Science (AWIS) Mentorship Programme by African Centre for Aquatic Research and Education (ACARE) – AWIS 2021 cohort.


African Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE), African Women for Biosciences (AWfB), Biochemistry and Biotechnology Professional Society of Kenya (BBPSK), Associate member of International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS).


Microbiology, plant pathology, Food security, Climate Change, Promotion of indigenous and underutilized food crops through bio-resource (germplasm) collection, conservation, breeding and improvement


Two PhD, one masters and several undergraduate students.


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