Name                Moses A. Nyamolo

Current position               Assistant Lecturer

Current Responsibility    Teaching, Student Assessment, and Research. 

Contact address:            

 email: / Mobile: 0714 091651

Professional profile

Work experience

2015 – March 2016    Exam Coordinator Department of Biological Sciences

2014-2015       Exam Coordinator School of Science, Technology & Engineering

                                                Rongo University

2014    Curriculum Review for Biological Sciences, Rongo University College                 

13th Jan – 2014 to date            Assistant lecturer, Rongo University College

2010 – 2014                            Part time lecturer at Moi University (Odera Akango Campus)

2009 – 2014                            Head, Department of Biological Sciences (Maranda High School)

2008 – 2009                            Part time Lecturer, Kabianga University Collage

2003 –                                      Assistant Chief Judge in Chemistry, Bondo District Science Congress

2002                                        Judge at Provincial Students Science and Technology

2002                                        Second best Chemistry Teacher in Nyanza Province

2001                                        Best Chemistry Teacher in BondoDistrict

2001 to date                            KNEC Senior Examiner in Chemistry

200 0 – 2003                           Acting Head of Science Department, Maranda High School

1995 – 2000                            National Examiner in Chemistry

1997                                        Promoted on Merit to Approved Teacher 11 Status

1997                                        Judge, Biology talk Siaya District Science and Technology Congress

1996    Judge Chemistry talk Siaya District Science and Technology Congress

1992 – Jan 10th 2014               Teacher at Maranda High School

  • Achieved Impressive Result in Biology and Chemistry
  • Biology Panel member for Siaya District Evaluation Committee

1988 – 1992                            Teacher at Kanyamfwa Secondary School

  • Help to improve Academic performance of the school
  • Games master and Staff Secretary

Academic Education

2015 To Date              Pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in plant breeding in Rongo


2003 – 2007                Master of Philosophy Degree in Botany (Moi University)

1997 – 2000                Bachelor of Education (Science) from Moi University

1986 – 1988                Diploma in Science Education (Kenya Science Teachers College)

1982 – 1983                Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education, Nakuru High School

1978 – 1981                Kenya Certificate of Education, Chianda High School

1971 – 1977                Certificate of Primary Education, Orengo Primary School

Technical Training

1995                            Trained as Examiner in Chemistry by Kenya National Exams Council S

Research Interests

Plant breeding

Ongoing research      Combining ability for grain yield and related agronomic traits in

selected sorghum lines under low soil P

Thesis Desertation

Screening Maize germplasm for tolerance to water logging available at


 1.Palapala Valerie and Nyamolo Moses. Effect of Water logging on Selected Morphological Characteristics in maize. Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology Vol. 2 (6), pp. 80-92, July, 2016

2Nyamolo  M. A., Palapala V. A. P. and Kisinyo P. O. Effect of waterlogging on selected physico-chemical parameters in maize Sky Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 5(6), pp.

3.Francis Ongachi Olal and Moses Nyamolo. Assesment of the impact of anthropogenic activities on the drinking water quality of boreholes and shallow well water in Huruma estate-Eldoret,Kenya. Journal of environment and earth sciences

4.Nyamolo,M.A;Recent Advances Towards Understanding Phosphorus Use Efficiency In Acid Soils In Africa(Conference paper)

Conference Presentation

2018                          Rongo University,1st International Multidisciplinary conference

2007                            Facilitator KNEC Examiners Training

2003                            Facilitator Provincial WorkShop for Science Teachers (Nyanza)

2000                            Facilitator Primary Science Curriculum

Effect of Water logging on Selected Morphological

Characteristics in Maize Palapala Valerie* and Nyamolo Moses Accepted 19 May 2016

Biological Sciences Department, School of Science and Technology, Rongo University, Box 103-40404, Rongo, Kenya.

ABSTRACT                                                                                                                                                                             A greenhouse experiment   was conducted to determine waterlogging tolerance in acidic soils for maize crop improvement in low lying flood prone regions of Western Kenya where waterlogging is a severe problem. Three replicates of nine cultivars, seven tolerant and two susceptible accessions identified after a preliminary screening were subjected to waterlogging to select traits for tolerance to waterlogging using randomized complete block design. 17 day- old seedlings planted in acidic ferralsol soil were exposed to field capacity flooding for 10 days, drained and growth monitored. Waterlogging caused significant reduction in mean number of leaves, leaf area, root collar diameter, seedling height and grain yield. K8 recovered least from water logging. Kan2 and K27 were least affected with regard to leaf tip death and wilting. K8, Br2, K24 and C8 recorded the most significant reduction in leaf area. K3 and Kan2 recorded the least internode length. Plant height recovery was most significant in K27 and K8. Lowest reduction in yield was recorded in Br2 and K3 while the highest grain yield was K3 and Kan2. Reduction on collar root diameter had a significant influence (F value = 2.7) on total grain yield of maize in the affected accessions (y= 1.0183x – 0.5685). There exists a significant genetic variability among Kenyan maize germplasm in terms of response to waterlogging, which can be exploited for crop improvement.

Keywords: Waterlogging, Leaf size, Internode length, Root and Yields.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: