Francis Ongachi Olal


Name:                       Dr. Francis Ongachi Olal

Address:                     Box 103, RONGO.

Phone:                        0728 010816/0784938714

E-mail:              ,

Academic and Professional Qualifications

2009 – 2013                University of Eldoret, PhD (Analytical Chemistry)

2002 – 2005                 Moi University, M. Phil (Chemistry)

1997-1999                   Moi University, BSc (Hons), chemistry

  1. Kenya Polytechnic, Higher Diploma (Applied chemistry )
    1. Kenya Polytechnic, Diploma (Science Laboratory technology)

Employment and Work Experience

Jan 2019 to date,       Rongo University

                        Senior Lecturer

Jan 2015 to December 2018,            Rongo University


2010-2014                   Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company Ltd.

            Quality Assurance Manager

2006-2010                   Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company Ltd.

            Quality Control Manager

2000-2006                   Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company Ltd.

Laboratory technologist


  1. Eldoret Municipal Council

Laboratory Technologist

  1. Ministry of Water Development

Laboratory Technologist

Research publications and conferences

Journal Publications

1. Olal, F.O. (2021). Effects of Seasonal Variation on Performance of Conventional

Wastewater Treatment System. Journal of Environment and Earth Science ISSN 2225-0948

Vol.11, No.7

2. Olal, F.O., Owiti P., Barasa N. and Oguta M. (2020). Re-usable Cloth Facemasks in the Covid-19 Era.International Journal of Innovative Research & Developmen.t Vol 9 Issue 5ISSN 2278 – 0211

3. Olal, F.O. (2020). Seasonal Variations in Physicochemical Properties of WaterQuality of Sosiani River -Eldoret, Kenya. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development, Vol 9 Issue 4

ISSN 2278 – 0211.

4. Barasa N. andOlal, F.O. (2020). Creative Designing of Fabric Patterns by Tie-Dyeing with Synthetic Dyes.  International Journal of Innovative Research & Development Vol 9 Issue 2 ISSN 2278 – 0211.

5. WambuguW,Olal F.O., Mbakaya C.F., Keriko J.M., Kombe Y. and Mwangi M.(2017). Health Effects of Pesticide Exposure among Formulators, Repackers and Store Workers in Nairobi, Kenya. Journal of Natural Sciences Research. Vol 7 No 24 ISSN2225-0921

6. Olal, F.O. (2017). Determination of some selected heavy metals in fish and water samples from a section of Migori river. Journal of Natural Sciences Research. Vol 7 No 6 ISSN2225-0921

7. Olal, F.O. (2016). Biosorption of Selected Heavy Metals Using Green Algae, Spirogyra Species. Journal of Natural Sciences Research. Vol.6, No.14, ISSN 2224-3186.

8. Olal, F.O. (2016). Heavy Metals in Edible Vegetables Grown Around Sewage Ponds and Damp Site in Eldoret Town, Kenya. Journal of Natural Sciences Research Vol.6, No.8, ISSN 2224-3186.

9. Olal, F.O. and Nyamolo, Moses (2016). Assessment of the Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on the Drinking Water Qualities of Boreholes/Shallow Well Water in Huruma Estate -Eldoret, Kenya.Journal of Environment and Earth Science ISSN 2224-3216 Vol.6, No.3, 2016

10. Olal, F.O. (2015). Assessment of the Impact of Urban Runoff from Migori Town on the Concentration Levels of Selected Heavy Metals in Migori River, Kenya. Journal of Environment and Earth Science ISSN 2224-3216 Vol.5, No.20, 2015

11. Olal, F.O., Kituyi, L. and Segor,F. (2014). Environmental Pollution and Monitoring of heavy Metals using brown algae biosorbent. 5Th SEANAC Conference, 9th – 13th June 2014, Mombasa, Kenya.

12.Olal F., Ndalut, P. and Kipkemboi, P. (2007);Environmental impact of iron and manganese in Moiben dam in Marakwet District; Journal of the Kenya Chemical Society Vol. 4 No.2. Pg 14-22

Conference Papers

1. Olal, F. (2018). Effects of urban runoff from Eldoret town on the water quality of Sosiani River, Kenya . 1st International Multidisciplinary Conference, Rongo University.

2. Olal, F. (2012). Challenges in water treatment and supply: A case of Eldoret Municipality and its environs; KDSA conference, 23rd to 24th August, 2012, Moi University, Medical Education Centre.

3. Gatongi, P., Njoroge, S., Walekwa, C. and Olal, F. (2007). The risk of water borne diseases in Eldoret Municipality and its environs. 5th Annual International Conference, 4th-8th August 2007, Moi University, Eldoret.

4. Olal, F. (2001). Drinking water quality monitoring in urban areas: a case study of Eldoret town. Conference of Association of Public Health Officers (Kenya); 8th to 10th March 2001, Sirikwa Hotel, Eldoret.


  1. Kenya Chemical Society
  2. Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya