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Dr Evans ouma

Dr. Evans Ouma

Head of Department

HOD's Message​

Welcome to the department of Agronomy and environmental sciences. Through its programs, the department aims to train students in a variety of careers either in Agriculture or environment. The students in Agriculture are trained to be; Agronomists, Geneticists and plant breeders, Entomologists, Pathologists, soil scientists, Physiologists, Horticulturalists, Agricultural experts, Weed scientists, Teachers of biology and Agriculture, Extension officers, Nutritionists, Molecular biologist and biotechnologist among others. While those in environment train to be Environmental officers, Natural resource managers, Waste management specialists, Urban and Regional planners, Wet land ecologists, Water resource managers, Experts in Environmental audit and Environmental impact assessment (EIA), GIS experts among others.

As you may be aware, the major challenge facing the world at large is food and nutrition insecurity, malnutrition and damaged ecosystems which has threatened the extinction of many plant and animal species majorly due to increase in world population. The increase in population has put pressure on food systems, land management and land use systems. In many parts of the world environmental degradation through pollution and other human related activities is a concerned to every nation in the globe and hence the need for innovative ways to supply food as well as manage environmental resources for sustainability. The world is therefore in dire need of these professionals in order to support sustainable food production systems and sustainable environmental management plans.  After graduation, our graduates have several places to practice their knowledge including; government and private Agricultural farms, local and international Research Organizations and institutions, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, business enterprises, Environment sector, Construction industry, Forestry sector, Transport sector and Civil engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Agro-based industries, Health sector, Tourism sector, irrigation schemes, mining industry, Environmental education, cleaner production systems, Environmental conservation and climate change agencies, NEMA among others. The department of Agronomy and Environmental science has well-seasoned, highly qualified and experienced staff, some of who are world renowned scientists and scholars who will adequately contribute to guiding, building and mentoring our students to be successful world class professionals. I wish therefore to take this opportunity to welcome you or your children to join our department to enroll for any of the courses we offer. Thank you.

Mission and vision


The Mission of the department is to attract, train and retain highly motivated, innovative and practical oriented graduates capable of creating employment opportunities using different Agricultural and Environmental enterprises across the world.


The Vision of the Department is to be a competitive multidisciplinary department in teaching, research and community outreach in order to promote sustainable development.


  1. To develop, implement and manage suitable departmental academic curriculum, academic load management for effective delivery of University goals and objectives.
  2. To nurture and produce quality  and innovative graduates capable of meeting stakeholders and  society expectations
  3. To implement research, innovation  and community outreach programs through research projects
  4. Mobilize resources by generating internally and externally fundable R4D proposals and disseminate technologies and innovations.
  5. To promote effective linkages and strategic partnerships with stakeholders for teaching, training research and outreach activities.


  1. Diploma in agriculture
  2. Diploma in horticulture
  3. Diploma in aquaculture and fisheries management
  4. Bachelor of Environmental Science
  5. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  6. Bachelor of science in agriculture
  7. Bachelor of science in Horticulture
  8. Masters of Science in Horticulture
  9. MSc. Environmental Biology
  10. MSc. Environmental Planning and Management
  11. MSc. Plant breeding
  12. Doctor of philosophy in Environmental Biology
  13. PhD. Environmental Planning and Management
  14. PhD. Plant breeding
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